Top 3 best Copper Skillets | From Mauviel to Cooksmark for every $

The frying skillet is one of the most used skillets in any well-equipped kitchen. A versatile skillet is ideal for cooking any kinds of different foods.

By now, we all know copper is the cookware you choose when you want the best of the best. It has practically become a status symbol, but it’s not just about impressing your friends.

Copper cookware skillet is high-performance cookware. Why settle for boring steel or cheap metal when you can buy beautiful copper cookware skillets?

Beyond looking beautiful when in use on the stovetop, the copper skillet is preferred by many professional chefs due to its superior heat conductivity.

What this means is the skillets heat up quickly and evenly, hold their heat well even when you add in the food, and therefore, the food cooks quickly.

Also, due to this heat conductivity, the best copper skillets respond instantly to any adjustments you make to the temperature.

My absolute favorite is this Mauviel Copper skillet from the M’Heritage line. This video from Better Living tells you a lot about the Mauviel pans:

Cookware comes in many types of materials. These materials differ in many ways, therefore some are better for certain things than others. So, there’s variety of options when it comes to buying the best copper skillets.

In this article, we are talking about the benefits of copper, and what your options are when it comes to purchasing the best copper skillets through our 3 top picks and copper skillets reviews.

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3 Of The Best Copper Skillets

These best copper skillets are not only aesthetically pleasing but it also the cream of the crop in terms of cookware.

We know what we like and use in our kitchen, but at the end of the day, the best copper skillet is going to be the one that suits your particular needs. With its even heat distribution and retention, sturdy weight and hand-feel, and timeless aesthetic, it’s no wonder that copper skillets are often a chef’s favorite cooking tool.

So, are you ready to discover the qualities of the best copper skillets and choose the best skillet for your home? If so, stay where you are, because this article about the best copper skillets will greatly assist you in picking a top-notch product that will not let you down and may even last for generations.

Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Frying Skillet

Recommended by experienced chefs, Mauviel M’Heritage Copper 12-Inch Frying Skillet with Bronze Handle is heat-sensitive, allowing precise timing and providing maximum control.

Also, the beautiful styling is perfect for table side serving. These M’Heritage Copper frying Skillets are marked by its thick 2.5mm copper exterior and a thin layer of stainless steel on the interior.

Copper is why this skillet offers even heat distribution. It has gorgeous bronze handles, heavy and durable construction, and it’s perfect for making crepes. This pan is one of the best copper skillets since it is compatible with gas, ceramic, glass, electric, and halogen cooktops.

This copper skillet is made from 90% copper, so this is a product that you’ll certainly hand down to your kids one day. This skillet heats up to an even temperature instantly, so you don’t have to spend any more time at the stove than necessary.

The long cast-iron handle adds some additional weight and it appears slightly heavy at the beginning but soon you will be pleased to figure out its goodness in everyday use. It is a little bit space-eating, but it is necessary for its fitting comfort and good balance.

Also, you will be happy to find this long handle gives you more precise control when cooking. Every slight movement of your wrist is feed backed with the desired response of your frying skillet.

Mauviel, highly respected French family business established in 1830 is the leading producer of professional copper cookware in the world today. Mauviel offers several lines of copper cookware to professional chefs and home cooks.

People who’ve invested in Mauviel skillet tend to rave about it. It looks wonderful and the customers are satisfied because it heats up evenly and instantly, as copper cookware should.

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Cooksmark Copper Pan 10-Inch Nonstick Induction Compatible Frying  Skillet

This is certainly on the list of the best copper skillets, for it’s price. Cooking is a breeze with this convenient and long-lasting skillet. The additional durability, wear-resistance, and warp-resistance are given by the triple-layer nonstick interior with classy copper color.

The durable nonstick coating allows you to cook with minimal oils or fat. The durable and wear-resistant exterior makes it dishwasher safe.

It isn’t real copper though, but it might be a good choice for you if you’re just going for the copper look in your kitchen but don’t want to spend that kind of money.

Although it’s dishwasher safe, hand washing with warm soapy water is recommended to preserve the cookware’s original appearance. It’s designed to minimize heat transfer.

The handle is oven safe up to 450°F and its stainless steel induction compatible base ensures quick and even heating, suitable for all stovetops.  The best pan for making scrambled eggs. It’s easy to clean – you can just wipe it out with a paper towel.

Cooksmark is a wonderful companion for your kitchen. Cooksmark provides you with an amazing copper skillet that will help you experience the joy of cuisine. You will definitely find your passion in the kitchen. Cooksmark Copper Frying Skillet is a great option for you!

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Copper Chef Square Fry Pan with Lid, 9.5 inch

This is one of the best choices you could make when choosing the best copper skillet. Copper Chef is the versatile 9.5” non-stick, square pan with extra deep sides that are heatproof to 450⁰C, making it oven-safe and suitable for flambeing.

The same thing here, it’s copper colored which gives it a great look, and it has all the advantages of a non stick copper pan, but it’s not the original.

With a high-quality aluminum core and a non-stick Cerami-Tech coating, 100% chemical, PTFE, and PFOA free, Copper Chef heats instantly without the need for any additional butter or oils so you can make healthier meals for the entire family. This means nothing sticks to your pan.

The square shaped design enables you to make enough food for the whole family in one go since you can fit more food into the pan than a traditional round pan – with extra deep sides, a 9.5” diameter and a capacity of over 4 liters. Use a sponge and your pan just wipes clean.

Alternatively, Copper Chef is dishwasher safe. The bottom line is this skillet cleans so easily, heats evenly and the glass top helps you to cook the food thoroughly. The glass is sturdy and well built and this is probably the most durable part of the pan.

The riveted helper handle is great for transporting the skillet to table. Having these features in mind, it’s no wonder why this skillet is one of the best copper skillets.

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Qualities to Look For in Copper Skillets


Thickness is important. In most cases, the thicker, the better. Thinner skillets are the best copper skillets since they will cause your cooking to be less than best. So, you should be careful to get a skillet with a sufficient thickness. The ideal thickness for the best copper skillets on the market is around 2.5 mm.

Appearance: Smooth or Hammered

Both smooth and hammered copper skillets are made with machines, so your decision will be from your preference. Smooth copper will add class to your kitchen and you will get a rustic feel with hammered finish.

Lining: Tin or Stainless

Due to the health concerns, we advise you to always look for a tin lining if you want to get the best copper skillet. Tin is naturally non-stick and in small amounts is essential for the body. However, stainless takes a long time for wear and tear and is easy to maintain, but it does not have the same non-stick quality as tin.


Copper allows for supreme heat conductivity and control since it is an excellent conductor of heat. Not only does it distribute heat to the entire pan evenly but it can also adapt more quickly to temperatures. Also, sticking is much less common with copper cookware.

While the large sets are tempting by means of saving money in the long run, we would suggest trying out a skillet or two you know you’ll use frequently to make sure you want to start what could be a long-term relationship with your cookery.

the top 3 best copper skillets

Together with cast iron, copper is one of the best kinds of cookware that you can possess. It is important to have the right cookware to achieve the result you are looking for.

The best copper skillet depends on what your needs and habits are, you may need one dishwasher safe or more lightweight. Just choose the skillet that speaks to you the most!

As long as you know what to look for, you are well on your way to finding the best copper skillet for you. To sum up, no matter which skillet you choose from the above mentioned, you will be getting an excellent product.

Once you try them out, you will never get back to a ‘regular’ skillet and you will definitely not regret giving them a chance!

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I love using copper pans when I cook, and I cook A LOT!