Copper pan reviews | The 10 best pans to buy for your kitchen

Copper pans will help you become a real master in the kitchen. Every meal will be cooked perfectly and in a healthy way. Copper has great material properties, which makes it best for cooking, baking, and roasting.

First of all, copper is an excellent heat conductor, allowing the heat to be spread fast and evenly. As a result, the scorching risk is very low and it’ll help you save energy while cooking.

Furthermore, copper stores heat, so the meals stay warm longer than in any other cookware. Moreover, the material is very durable, so you won’t have to change your pans for years if you purchase the right ones.

Copper pans are also corrosion-resistant and antibacterial. Bacteria and germs can’t survive on copper because, for them, it is toxic. However, copper is safe for people to use it. Last, but not the least, copper pans have a unique, attractive design, which will make your kitchen look more professional.

Top 10 copper pans reviews

Copper pans are more expensive than the other cookware, but if you choose the right ones it can last for years. In addition, here is a list of top 10 copper pans.

Mauviel Made In France M’Heritage CopperRound Frying Pan, Cast Iron Handle

Mauviel is a lead manufacturer of copper cookware and highly regarded in the professional cooking world. This is a 10.2-inch frying pan of high quality with sloped sides for high-heat frying.

The exterior is lined with Cuprinox, a professional line which has a thicker gauge of copper for more strength and combines two effective materials. It is  2.5 mm thick which is provides extra conductivity , meaning heating quickly and evenly.

It has also a very thin layer of stainless steel on the interior. It is extremely easy to clean it. Moreover, it has straight sides and cast-iron handle with stainless steel rivets.

Here’s a video from Better Living on the Mauviel pans:

It is resistant to high temperatures and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Its dimensions are 20.4 x 11.6 x 3.8 inches, and its weight is 7 pounds. Take the word of BeeCoz on Amazon “Beautiful fry pan. Heavy, but I expected that after reading through the comments before I bought it.

I’m putting together good cooking vessels and added this to my collection. This is what other makers copy when manufacturing cookware!!! It is made so well that I will be passing it down to my granddaughter, she’s 12…”, and we’ve reviewed it as our top choice before for one of the best copper frying skillets.

Check out the latest prices here on Amazon

T-fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom Cookware Set

This 13-piece set is one of the best rated on It includes 8 and 10.5 inch fry pans, a 12-inch covered fry pan, a 5 quart covered stew pot and 1,2 and 3 quart sauce pans.

It has a stainless steel construction, making this set durable. It has also a multi-layer base with a copper bottom, which distributes the heat fast and evenly.

Moreover, the pans in this set have riveted handles made of stainless steel, which are comfortable and practical for use. The transparent lids are great for watching the cooking progress.

They also have a vented hole through which the steam escapes, thus preventing over boiling. Furthermore, it’s oven safe up to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe.

Now, I understand that you might be looking at this post for a nice looking copper cookware set and these don’t look the part, but if you’re mainly looking into copper for the energy efficiency and heat distribution, this is a very affordable and durable set to buy (check the latest price here).

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Copper Chef Square Fry Pan with Lid, 9.5 inches  

This 6 in 1 family copper pan has CeramiTech non-stick coating, which makes cooking easy,  and cleaning it even easier. The square design and the extra deep sides allow you to fit more food than in a round pan.

It has 9.5″ diameter and a capacity of over 4 liters, thus enabling you to make food for the whole family at once. You’ll be able to cook healthy meals without using butter or oil. Also, it has a stainless steel induction plate, meaning no hot spots.

It isn’t real copper though but you get a nice look for an affordable price.

Your meals will be cooked evenly, without burning. In addition, this copper pan is heat resistant up to 850 degrees and it is PFOA and PTFE free. “10 times better than I could imagine”, says Chad Richardson in his review on Amazon.

CONCORD 3 Piece Ceramic Coated -Copper- Frying Pan Cookware Set

These pans have a High Grade ceramic coated copper-ceramic coating, which is extremely healthy and eco-friendly. It features also polished stainless steel handle.

They are not real copper but they are very cheap for the complete set and it is induction compatible and 100% safe. The set contains  8″ frying pan, 9.5″ frying pan and 12″ frying pan.

The Three Roses on Amazon recommends buying it because of the solid quality, great feel, and the ability to cook food with gradual temperature. It comes in size of 19 x 5 x 12 inches and it weighs 6.7 pounds.

GOTHAM STEEL 11 inches Non-stick Titanium Frying Pan

Gotham Steel utilizes titanium and ceramic as surface finish, ensuring durability. It is multifunctional pan that doesn’t change the flavor of the tomato-based or other acidic food. 

The non-stick surface makes its cleaning a piece of cake. More importantly, the non-stick surface makes everything to slide off the pan- you will be able to fry cheese or melt chocolate without worrying.

It is safe to use even metal utensils- you won’t scratch the surface. You can even whisk eggs in this pan using a metal hand or a mixer. Furthermore, you can cook parmesan cheese without worrying that the burnt cheese will cause a disaster for your pan.

Moreover, It can be used for stovetop cooking or baking. The coating won’t peel off after time of using and washing it. Gotham Steel pan weighs less than any other frying pan and it’s PFOA, PTFE and PFOS free. (also read my post about the differences between Gotham Steel vs Red Copper Pans)

The Gotham Steel pan makes cooking easier than ever! You can get used to clean pan and only flawless food in your kitchen!

Now, it isn’t real copper but I couldn’t believe how affordable you can get it here given it’s unique style and features.

Copper Chef 9.5″ Square Fry Pan 

This Copper Chef pan has stainless steel induction plate that is suitable for any surface- induction- gas, electric and ceramic cooktops. There are no hot spots, meaning that the food won’t stick.

It is the same as the one with the lid, only without the lid. But you can get it at a much cheaper price here if you don’t need a glass lid.

The It comes with riveted handle that is oven safe up to 800 degrees. The pan is 9.5 inches and it’s dishwasher safe. It’s 100% PFOA and PTFE free. It has also a glass lid, oven safe to 350 degrees.

Its size is approximately  17-3/8″L x 9-1/2″W x 2-1/4″H and it comes with a 60-day limited manufacturer’s warranty. The great reviews on Amazon show how much people love this pan.

One Amazon Customer says “Very happy with this pan. The first thing we cooked was a fried egg with no oil or butter in the pan…diddon’t stick at all. I almost couldn’t believe it. I threw my two old frying pans out right afterwards. We will probably buy some heavy-duty nonstick pans too, but we are enjoying cooking on this for sure!” So, think of it when you are purchasing a copper pan.

Copper Chef Round Pan, 10-Inch  

This is another Copper Chef pan that is highly recommended by the users on Amazon. According to  A. Denovio the pan is amazing, “just let it cool and wipe with a soft towel.

Whatever I cook just slides off on the plate. No oil or spray. Very healthy.” It comes with riveted handles and Cerami Tech non-stick coating that is oven safe. You can cook healthy meals without using butter, oil or chemicals. In addition, you don’t have to worry that your food will burn or stick to the pan.

The stainless steel induction plate means no hot spots, thus  offering fast and even heat distribution and it’s perfect for all cooking surfaces. It is PTFE and PFOA safe and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

You can buy it at an unbelievable low cost here on Amazon

cooking with the best copper pans

Copper Chef Copper Crisper

With the Copper Crisper, you can fry without an air fryer! With the two baking sheets and crisping baskets, you can turn your oven into an air fryer.

This is possible because of the uniquely designed, ceramic coated non-stick basket that enables circulation of the hot air around the food during the process of cooking. You will get your food crispy on the outside and moist inside. The ceramic coated non-stick cookie sheet catches crumbs and spills to keep the oven clean.

Moreover, it uses Cerami Tech non-stick coating, which means no more burnt food. Also, you won’t need extra oil when cooking- you food will be healthy and fat-free. The basket size is  8.7″ X 11.9″, the tray size is 9.6″ X 12.8″, the baking sheets are 7/8″H x 12-3/4″W x 9-5/8″ and the crisping baskets are 3″H x 12-3/8″W x 8-7/8″L.

According to Manloveb1016’s review on Amazon, it “cleans very easy, nothing seems to stick to it, even cheese.” You won’t regret purchasing it!

BELLA Electric Skillet with Copper Titanium Coating

The BELLA Copper Titanium coated 12 x 12 skillet  changes the cooking game forever. You can cook healthy meals in a very short time. It is a multi-functional unit that can roast, saute, steam, fry, and bake.

This one isn’t real copper as well but you can’t go wrong for the price and it is perfect for cooking family meals and a must for every kitchen. You can cook a variety of meals in just one skillet- omelets, paellas, tomato sauce or risottos- the choice is yours.

The ceramic copper titanium coating has easy release feature that means no fuss cooking. What is more, you can easily clean it with just one wipe due to the fully immersible base.

The glass lid is also dishwasher safe. This type of coating is 8 times more durable than the standard coatings. It also allows cooking up to 30% faster. This skillet is heat resistant up to 850 degrees and it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It is 100% PTFE and PFOA free.

As Suzanne M. Stewart says, “I’ve used this pan twice, and it’s marvelous. Non-stick pan heats up quickly and cooks perfectly. It doesn’t brown like my stove-top does, like browning hamburgers, but that’s okay. Bacon, onions, peppers cook like I expect. Easy to clean when I run the cooled pan under faucet water, and everything glides off. Or, I just put the pan in the dishwasher. I use metal instruments with it, and so far, no scratches.”

Check it out here on Amazon

Masterpan Coppertone pan

This pan has a thermally efficient aluminum body that provides perfect conductivity, delivering the heat fast and even. The Original copper pan is made without PFOA and PTFE and even the stickiest food just slides off easily.

This pan is all you need- from frying eggs and broiling savory fish to caramelizing sugar without using butter, oil or fat. It is a must for every health conscious consumer.

It is suitable for use on stovetop or oven on temperature up to 500 degrees. Its surface won’t scratch, chip or peel when using metal utensils. It is dishwasher safe and it’s made to last, so it will provide years of dependable service. This Original copper pan will satisfy all your needs in the kitchen.

Without doubt, copper pans will change your life and ease your time in the kitchen. Choose the pan that meets your needs and you’ll change the cooking game for good!

I love using copper pans when I cook, and I cook A LOT!