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The Types of Copper Cookware

If you want to prepare perfect and healthy meals, copper cookware is the right choice for you. Copper cookware has been used for thousands of years now. The material is extra durable and corrosion resistant. Additionally, copper is excellent heat conductor, better than iron and stainless steel, being a great base material for cookware. The heat is spread fast and even, which reduces the danger of scorching. What is more, copper stores the heat very well, so meals stay warm longer. Moreover, copper adds an attractive and shiny appearance to the cookware, making it look more luxurious and professional.

Copper cookware covers a wide variety of products- from the basic skillet to specialize fish poacher. Copper cookware items can be categorized based on functionality and characteristics. Here are some of the copper items that you can add in your kitchen:


Skillet is the most used cooking item in the kitchen. You can adapt the size of the skillet according to the needs of your household. Today, the copper skillets are available in very different sizes- up to 14 inches. The slanted sides of this item are perfect for quick cooking and stir-frying meals. It is also the best choice for meals served directly from the pan, such as frittata. Copper skillets allow multi-functional usage and most of them are suitable both for stovetop cooking and baking.

Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is one of the crucial items in the cookware range. Copper Dutch oven is great for slow-cooking meats and vegetables because of the great heat conduction. When the liquid reaches a gentle simmer, it needs only little energy to maintain the temperature.  It’s excellent for preparing soups, too. This heavy cooking pot has a lid that ensures you don’t lose liquid to evaporation and the generated steam stays inside, preparing a moist and crispy roast. The copper Dutch oven withstands high heat, making it great for deep-frying.


Saucepans are made to cook, sauté and reheat sauces and foods such as pasta and rice. They have various sizes depending on your needs. Copper pans are one of the most popular, due to the benefits that this material has. The consumer can also choose to purchase a saucepan set, which can feature other types of cookware or utensils. The “double-boiler” set, for example, has a large pan and a small pan, which can be used for preparing desserts. The copper sauce pan is lighter in weight than other pans and it’s extra durable. Moreover, a copper sauce pan offers nice kitchen-to-table presentation. Most of them also have iron or brass handles, which are safe for oven use, too.

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Stock Pot

A stock pot is used for making stock, the base for soups and sauces. To meet your needs, a stock pot has to heat fast, even and to simmer long. A copper stock pot is really worth for the money since it will serve multiple purposes. Not to mention, it will give a beautiful, yet classic dash to your kitchen cookware. Most of the copper stock pots come with vented lid, which prevents spitting the boiling water on the stove top. Both the lid and the handles can be oven safe, depending on the material. Choose a 4-6 qt pot for making soup or 8qt for poaching chicken. A 12qt is suitable for making stock or boiling lobsters.

 Sauté Pan

A copper sautés pan is an excellent choice for sautéing chicken, meats or vegetables. It’s great for shaking, stirring or tossing food over high heats. It has a wide, flat looking surface and long handle, which make this multi-purpose pan excellent for sautéing, browning and searing, and quick stir-frying. The most practical is the pan of size 4qt. The copper provides great temperature control and heat conductivity. Pans with riveted handles are the best choice because they will provide easy maneuver.

different copper cookware


For the types of meals that you prepare only several times a year, you need the most professional cookware. Roasters are one of those pans that are used for special occasions. You can prepare oven-roasted meats, fish, poultry or vegetables. Some copper roasters are great for making sauces and gravies on the stove top. It cooks in dry oven heat at relatively high temperatures. It has low, straight sides that are perfect for ultimate browning. Copper roasters come also with big handles, making it easier to lift the pan in and out of the oven. Copper roasters will last and they are also easy to clean if they have a non-stick surface.  What is more, for the special occasions, you will have tasty food in a good-looking pot.

Griddle Pan

A griddle pan has large, smooth cooking surface ideal for preparing breakfasts, burgers, and sandwiches. It’s a versatile pan, best for cooking pancakes, eggs, sausages, French toast, and bacon, as well as searing chops or steaks. The rapid, even heat technology makes the roast even tastier. Pans with a well around the perimeter will collect the drippings. You can also choose a double-burner griddle if you cook family sized meals.

Grill Pan

The copper grill pan is excellent for grilling without barbecue. You can do a tasty roast on your stove top, in your home. It will provide efficient preparing because these grill pans are designed to heat evenly. The high ridges will ensure to drain away the fatty drippings. With copper grill pan you can prepare delicious meat, poultry, vegetables or seafood. If you choose one with a non-stick interior, you will enjoy grilling more than ever. Most of the copper grilled pans are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about sticky surface after a great grill.


A copper steamer insert has a unique design that allows even circulation of the moist, making it the best choice for steaming different kinds of foods. It is best for steaming foods quickly and, at the same time, for retaining maximum flavor, nutrients, and color. The steamers are designed to fit easily inside most of the pans and pots. You can steam everything from seafood to fresh veggies.

Salt and Pepper Set

Copper plated sets for pepper and sat will add elegance to your table. They will bring you efficiency and fresh-ground flavor to the whole cooking experience. The combination of stainless steel and copper plating finish make these sets corrosion resistant. It will last longer than the traditional sets.

Tea Kettle

The copper tea kettle is the most efficient one. Because of the great conductivity, the water will boil very quickly. It is perfect for brewing tea or pour-over coffee.  The copper will also complement the style of your kitchen.

Beating Bowl

Copper is the best material for cooking. Unlined copper bowls are used by professional chefs from all around the world for whipping egg whites or frothy peaks. Copper reacts naturally with the whites and it is 100% harmless. A copper beating bowl makes the egg whites more stable and also, triples their volume. The round-bottomed shape supports thorough mixing. Most of the copper bowls come with riveted handles that can be used for hanging or as a thumb grip.

copper cookware bowl


It is known for centuries that copper whisk gives more voluminous and stable egg white foam. For best results, don’t use any kind of stabilizer, such as acids while beating the egg white. You can pair a copper whisk with copper beating bowl for optimal results, but you can also have a great outcome when using them separately.

Fondue Set

Nothing can ruin a party as having your fondue pot break due to the extreme heat or having your meal burn to the bottom.  With copper fondue pot you will prevent any possible disaster of this kind. The copper fondue set is a great choice for those who want to enjoy in elegance. The fondue pot has a copper base, but most of them come also with porcelain insert safe to use with cheese or chocolate. When cooking meat in oil you just remove the porcelain insert. There is also a metal framework under the fondue pot as a heat source. The copper retains stable heat temperature, so the meal is cooked properly and stays warm longer. The fondue sets include also copper forks.

Copper is one of the most estimated cookware materials. Many chefs prefer copper over any other type of material because of its versatility. From pan to whisk, copper can change the cooking game forever. Copper will make your kitchen look elegant and more professional. In addition, it enables you to cook healthy and easy. Copper cookware is 100% safe and anti-bacterial. Don’t wait, purchase an item and soon you’ll want them all.

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